BLACK DOOR Episode 47: Proactive Precautions
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Previously, in BLACK DOOR: Garrett and five of his men have rendezvoused at the armory in preparation for their upcoming incursion into the nightmareverse

"Okay, fine. Come on in, gentlemen." Eglemann backed into the armory, stopping at the island centered in the room. With her, Garrett, his five men, and the armorer in attendance, the room took on a crowded feel. Eglemann waved to the armorer. "Sergeant Nelson here has all the weapons side covered. MP4s with mounted X-11 Phase Discombobulators--"

"What?" Ruiz asked.

"XPDs," Silvestri cut in to forestall the engineer. "We're gonna call 'em XPDs, and it's kind of a grenade launcher, but without no grenades."

"You haven't trained on these?&quo...

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