BLACK DOOR Episode 46: They Who Stand
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Previously, in BLACK DOOR: Garrett has asked for volunteers to meet him at the armory. He's planning an incursion into the nightmareverse after one of his men meets a grisly end by man-eating spiders

The all-volunteer team met Garrett outside the door to the special equipment armory. Silvestri, Sizemore, Clarkson, Ruiz, Medina, Jorgenson, and the Air officer, Carver. They showed up in full gear and were laden with heavy packs stuffed with God only knew what. The NCOs would have vetted the contents of those rucksacks. Garrett had loaded up as well, not knowing what to expect of their impending and unorthodox mission. He thanked the men, slapping each on a shoulder, and posted himself before the door to look them over.

"Lieutenant Carver," he said to...

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