BLACK DOOR Episode 42: The Many Burn, and the One
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Previously, in BLACK DOOR: Something monstrous has invaded the infirmary. Fibrous white tendrils have burst from Sgt. Washington's body and have attacked two guards. Garrett goes in to confront the monster

Washington turned to face him, stiff-legged, like a puppet.

"Washington?" Garrett kept his tone neutral and his movements slow and slight. "You in there, Washington?"

She vibrated as if tazed. That weird, hair-raising warbling sound issued from her mouth. The sickly white tendrils thrashed, scattering overturned junk about the room.

The other patients yelled and tried to scrabble from their beds.

"At ease, everyone," Garrett cautioned. "Let's suss this out."

Suss it out? His man had grown...

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