BLACK DOOR Episode 36: The White One
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Previously, in BLACK DOOR: There's activity at the theater. A mysterious door has appeared. The team must go in

Clarkson pulled open the plywood board. The team issued through, first Alpha, then Bravo, then the HQ. Carver, the air guy, stationed himself in the entrance, holding their escape hatch.

There. The door. Right where the others had stood, surrounded by white dust, moldy walls disintegrating from time, and the dim light of stars through the nonexistent roof. A door. Dark green, two panels, the top arched. The doorknob was cut glass and brass.

Garrett beelined for the neglected crane along with Grace and the medic, Jorgenson. Alpha team spread wide to the right of the door, Bravo to the left.

Then, nothing. They watched the door and...

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