BLACK DOOR Episode 33: Reinforce
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Previously, in BLACK DOOR: Garrett wakes to a new day. He and Sgt. Grace meet with Barbara Eglemann, the Nightwatch chief engineer. She has toys to show them, toys specifically designed to help them in their fight. Chief among these, a manta-winged jet parked in the interior courtyard of the building.

Jump seats for twenty, ten lined along each flank. Ample deck space for maybe five standard cargo skids. Pilot and co-pilot/weapons officer positions up front. Missiles, minigun, incendiary and electronic countermeasures. Stealth, vertical takeoff and landing. This jet had everything.

"And that isn't all," Eglemann continued, making a slow turn in the empty cargo bay. "It's EMP hardened, atmospherically sealed so it can operate in low Earth orbit, and double-hulled so...

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