BLACK DOOR Episode 32: Re-arm
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Previously, in BLACK DOOR: Garrett wakes to a new day. Sgt. Grace wants a pow wow.

The special equipment armory was four floors down, in the basement. And the basement looked like a basement, with little effort made to cover up water and steam pipes, conduits, or venting. When Garrett, freshly showered and dressed in clean ACUs, stepped through the one steel door and the brand new secondary door of iron bars, he found Grace as awake and starched as if he'd never gone thirty hours in his life.

The same could not be said of the other occupant of the room. Short brown hair, and snoring, she lay on the floor in front of an open, lighted doorway, her hands used as a pillow. She curled there in tan cargo pants and a loose, forest green commando sweater.


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