You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the victim (1)
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Growth cannot begin without pain.

If they were to write my autobiography You would think it would think it would be Narwhals and rainbows, but alas I have seen Demons in my house that a priest tried to bless. I’ve been attacked from a friend messing with a Ouija board and the demons finally won. They live in my throat, almost silencing my voice but I fight back. Putting a cross to my throat makes me fall down gagging and coughing.

Oddly though the demons are some of the least scary things I’ve ever faced, usually sober too. Things touching me or opening and closing my door.

My first real demon I had to battle alone was my mother. My father made his escape but couldn’t take me because he was living in a car.

My mother is one of the cruelest, angr...

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