To the one I loved
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To the one I loved;
you broke my spirit. Proudly. I learned now how much I miss you.

To the one I loved;
I still smell your cologne when I go in stores
secretly, almost as if I silently make love to the parts of my brain that hold on to you.

To the one I loved;
 I wish I had been better. It wasn't you. The worst parts, you saw. You told me I was beautiful, even after the slitting of my wrists, you wanted to fix the broken, and I screamed "GO!" while pulling you tighter.

To the one I loved;
I hold on tightly onto the sheets, the way I held on to you. I have to hold myself to keep from falling apart. I fucked this up, 

I broke you down, and I will blame myself forever, because To the one I loved, you loved me at the most brok...

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Table of Contents

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