'Ol Green Eyes
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In 2020 I saw demons, that were my own.

They dwelled deep with the dark parts of my brain I did everything not to access. The place where I keep the hate I feel in my heart for people. The urge to slit throats, and watch the blood run down my hands as I laugh while inflicting pain. I want to inflict pain because I've been beaten with hot coals in order to make others feel happy just even for the day.

I've heard the demons, tell me to let me out of the door I salted to keep them at bay. Tapping on the walls for hours, wanting my attention, feeding on fear, of a girl who sold her soul to Jesus.

I see the eyes everywhere I go, hidden in ways that only I can see them. I've seen yellow eyed demons, eyes in my carpet, and the green eyed gem.
She was a crea...

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Table of Contents

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