Don\'t Forget to Write
By Sarah Warman

IbrahimOga      10/13/17 2:05 PM

I'm just getting into the series but I have to say, your experiences are palpable. Great writing.
SarahWarman      10/23/17 9:53 AM
Thank you so much!

Joyce Henderson      7/22/17 9:37 PM

So glad you got out of that parking lot unharmed! I know you will be careful out there, especially with your new role as a Mom. :) I love the comment about your nightgown in "This is Where I Am" and how you relate it to being older! I seldom wore them, either, but do remember wearing my maternity gown for years afterwards. Funny, how we remember those things. BTW, your writing is getting better and better. It really flows!
Sarah Warman      7/25/17 8:25 AM
Thank you! And if you are wondering you can take a baby into American Eagle! No one gave me strange looks when I went there a few weekends pushing a baby stroller.

Lisa M. Giannone      5/03/17 12:42 PM

regarding social media, i applaud you. don't worry about what other people do. Do what is right for you. Let them expose themselves, it is their choice. You shouldn't feel bad or guilty or a minority opinion. You will be a great mom!!!!
Sarah Warman      5/31/17 2:21 PM
Thank you so much! Since becoming a mom I've really tried to stick to this idea!

Joyce Henderson      10/11/16 12:21 AM

Like Rachel, I'm catching up on Channillo. I have to tell you, that storm in Cancun had me really worried, and I'm glad I didn't read your essay until after it was all over! My heart was pounding while I was reading your piece on it!

Rachel Lenzi      9/17/16 2:20 AM

Finally catching up on my Channillo - thank you your honesty and realness! Is realness a word? Your work is relatable, poignant and read-worthy. :)
Sarah Warman      9/21/16 5:52 PM
Thank you Rachel! I love your comment! I try to be as honest as I can even if it is painful at times.

Rachel Lenzi      9/17/16 2:20 AM

Finally catching up on my Channillo - thank you your honesty and realness! Is realness a word? Your work is relatable, poignant and read-worthy. :)

Jenifer Higgins      9/13/16 3:40 PM

I love the description of the storm in Cancun! I've always been a fan of natural disaster stories and "man against nature" story lines. The description of the rain and wind beating against the glass was so vivid! I love that you thought to put on running shoes! I'm sitting here drinking my morning coffee and reading and this story was just the best way to start the day :)
Sarah Warman      9/15/16 6:03 PM
Thank you so much Jennifer! I still chuckle when I think about putting on my running shoes during that storm. I have no idea where I thought I was going! Thank you for commenting. I'm so glad to hear that you enjoyed the story!

Sandra Robinson      6/17/16 3:27 PM


Sandra Robinson      6/14/16 9:11 PM

Are We Sharing Too Much? Great topic to write about. It is easy to be taken advantage of if your whole life is on social media. I choose to put my life out there in my writing to help others. But I have learned on Facebook to watch what I post. Thanks for a great read!
Sarah Warman      6/16/16 5:39 PM
Thank you Sandra! I'm learning to limit what I post on Facebook. You're right. It's easy to be taken advantage of when your whole life is on there!

Maggie John      6/06/16 3:45 PM

It's Complicated - You're very strong. I have a friend going through this right now -- and I'm always amazed by her tenacity.
Sarah Warman      6/06/16 7:42 PM
Thank you Maggie. I wrote that essay almost a year ago and I did finally get some answers although it was a very long and difficult process to get to that point. My heart goes out to your friend.

Bill McStowe      5/25/16 12:04 AM

The Ones- I really enjoyed this essay. My heart leapt a little in the department store before it came crashing back down. :-(
Sarah Warman      5/25/16 6:13 PM
Thank you Bill! I'll never forget the way I felt that day.

Joyce Henderson      4/19/16 5:05 PM

I enjoy all of your writing, but the Rome adventure got my heart pumping! Having lived in a foreign country, the language and cultural barriers make for uneasy feelings, to say the least, especially when traveling. I'm glad you made it safely back to France, and eventually to the U.S. There is no place like home! Thank you for reminding me of that. :)
Sarah Warman      4/20/16 12:41 PM
Thank you! The Rome adventure definitely had my heart pumping as well! It's something that I won't soon forget!

Maggie John      4/11/16 2:09 PM

"Grandparents" - this is beautiful Sarah, and true. It's wonderful that you recognize how rare it is to meet all of your grandparents - and you display such awareness with your true appreciation of that. Love your writing!
Sarah Warman      4/12/16 5:20 PM
Thank you Maggie! I know I was really lucky to meet all of them! I really miss them; especially my mom's parents since I got to spend so much time with them.

Penny Stone-Saunders      3/09/16 4:35 PM

Your last entry made me cry. I have only furry children myself (my choice) although I now suspect I could not have had children, had I wanted them. But for what it's worth I admire your strength and honesty and can think of no reason whatsoever why you should feel ashamed. I am looking forward to reading more about you. You sound like an amazingly strong person. And yeah, I think a half-Birthday sounds like a great plan :)
Sarah Warman      3/11/16 6:14 PM
Thank you so much Peggy. I don't want to make others sad, but it has been a very sad and confusing journey for me. Your words come at exactly the right time as I am still trying to find my way through this. I also have a furry child and he gives me a lot of comfort as I've been going through this the past two years. He is the best!

Penny Stone-Saunders      3/03/16 8:52 PM

Just started reading your series Sarah and I'm enjoying it enormously. I'm with you on the Birthday versus Christmas thing! My birthday is in November, but I still had exactly the same issue. You made me smile. Thank you :)
Sarah Warman      3/07/16 6:28 PM
Thank you so much Penny for your kind words! I'm starting to wonder if I should celebrate a half birthday! :)

Bill McStowe      2/03/16 1:41 AM

It is wild how we are connecting all over the world, isn't it? I remember when pen pals were a big deal!
Sarah Warman      2/03/16 1:07 PM
It really is! Sometimes I just have to stop and think about how truly amazing it is! I remember pen pals as well. Wonder what happened to mine?

Rich Landry      1/28/16 9:28 PM

This is a good read Sarah! I really enjoy this series.
Sarah Warman      2/02/16 4:37 PM
Thank you Rich! That means a lot to me!

Heather Awad      12/03/15 2:53 PM

Hi Sarah, I just started reading your series, and I love it. I identify with so much of it. Great read!
Sarah Warman      12/04/15 6:41 PM
Thank you so much Heather! I think the social media essay is one of my favorites too!

Heather Awad      12/03/15 2:53 PM
Especially about social media...

Bill McStowe      11/04/15 4:49 AM

Makes me want to get on the road again!
Sarah Warman      11/04/15 1:24 PM
Me too! I love to travel! Thank you for reading!

Rachel McGrath      8/28/15 7:53 AM

Haha, love your trip to walmart - I did the same, I moved into a bare apartment with only a TV (sitting on the cardboard box it came in) and a mattress in front of it (as I didn't have a bed, lounge or anything)! :)
Sarah Warman      8/28/15 2:43 PM
Thank you Rachel! I had one of those air mattresses and I had to pump more air into before I went to sleep. Thinking about it makes me really appreciate my bed!

Rachel McGrath      8/07/15 3:27 PM

Really enjoying this and I'm looking forward to your next chapter on social media :)
Sarah Warman      8/10/15 1:23 PM
Thank you Rachel!

Sarah Warman      7/30/15 8:03 PM

Going to start off the discussion here... Looking back, what do you wish you would have written about?