I Have Dreamed That This Would Happen
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I remember when I was a teenager with a pencil and notepad in hand. I would scribble away for hours, putting my thoughts and feelings onto paper. I suppose that a part of me did it because I wanted to remember what being a teenager felt like.

Sometimes I try to visualize what being a successful writer would feel like. How would it feel to walk into a store and see my books on the shelves? How would I feel seeing my name associated with a best seller? I know it’s just a dream or even a long shot, but part of me tells myself that I am good enough to be in those places and if I don’t believe that, then who will?

I’m not sure if I will end up being a successful writer or not, but in some ways I feel like I’ve already accomplished my dreams. I’ve had my words r...

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Table of Contents

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