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Bored, defeated, tired, depleted;

Lonely, miserable, complacent;

Confused, unbearable, depressed,

Hurting and pain.


I’ve given up hope, dreams and aspirations.

I want them back. I want myself back.

I want to live, feel, breathe, see and conquer.

I want to constantly change and improve.

I want to be uncomfortable.

I want to see new challenges.

I want to be brave and confident.


I want to share hopes and dreams. I want to live to the fullest.

Embrace what is given. Pursue what is lost.

Find it again and don’t return it.

Make no apologies. Create goals and my destiny.

Be who I am, and who I want to be.


Moving forward. Taking the good with me.

Leaving the rest behind.

Excited for what is ahead.

Remembering what is behind me.

Desire and motivation is still within,

Waiting to be inspired and uncovered.

Must stay inspired to keep moving forward.

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Table of Contents

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