Why do so many people like beer that tastes like they dumped grapefruit juice in it
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This beer tastes like they dumped grapefruit juice into it. That’s what I always say when Jack talks me into taking a sip of his IPA. I know in the IPA craft beer world tasting notes mentioning grapefruit are considered a mark of quality.

I don’t get it. For me, if I want grapefruit juice, I will drink grapefruit juice. I like grapefruit juice.

I’m not totally unfashionable in the craft beer world. I adore flavors others may find questionable.

Like what? Jalapeno or Habanero. Nothing like a spicy beer on a hot summer day.

But basically, I’m a malt kind of girl. I love stouts with hints of chocolate and cloudy Hefeweizen. My IBU limit is 50 but a 36 is the sweet spot.

I know I’m living in an IPA world but what can I do. Well, enjoy...

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