How Can You Be a Model with a Face like This?
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I think they want to book you, said the email from my agent. My agent doesn't sound sure, which is unusual. I'm grappling with recovering from our power being out for four hours.

I'm working on completing a voiceover job, a voiceover audition, and catching up with emails. I don't give much thought to the email until I get the booking confirmation and call sheet. And discover it's for tomorrow at 7 am!

At least it's just a photoshoot, so no lines to memorize. But I need to bring specific clothes and shoes, so I root around in my closet. The good news is I don't need to get up extra early to put my face on as the client is providing hair and makeup.

I hate fussing with my hair, and I despise makeup. I enjoy someone else making me look nice. I find clothes t...

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