When Tongue Twisters and Pronunciation Conundrums Send you Running for Cover
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Sixths, three-sixths, and four-sixths, all kinds of sixths in a row in a sentence, make me want to scream. Sixths looks like an innocent word, but according to a vocabulary expert on YouTube, it's one of the most challenging words in the English language to pronounce. 

I'm on the second re-recording of several sentences, trying to make a voice-over client happy and pronounce sixths the right way. I'm narrating math lessons for kids and the writers settled on fractions that are sixths. Unaware of the difficulty pronouncing this fraction in the plural. 

I listened over and over again to the pronunciation on several YouTube sites. I even practiced out loud while walking the dogs today. 

Have I got it right? I'm still unsure. Oh, the havoc one little word wreaks when you're a v...

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