How To Survive Four COVID Tests and One Support Sock Demo All in One Week
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I booked the job! Then came the email I needed to hightail it down to Renton on a Saturday to get a COVID-19 test. After being in line for 45 minutes, the fully masked assistant handed me a swab carefully through the car window. I stuck the swab up one nostril, twisted it a few times, and repeated with the second nostril.

I carefully handed it back and drove the 30 minutes back home. Shot my Saturday morning, my day off, all to heck. It's worth it for a well-paid four-day shoot, though.

Because of the pandemic, I didn't expect to book any on-camera work this year. It was a surprise when my agent emailed me to confirm my availability for the first part of November for a training video shoot.

My enthusiasm dampened when the schedule listed a call time of 9 am for Monday,...

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