Badass Squirrels, Dumb Bunnies, and Living Dangerously in Pandemic Times
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On our walks around the neighborhood, the boys and I see tons of squirrels. This fall, most are hurrying along with a goodie in their mouth. The trees shed leaves and other nut or fruit like stuff. The squirrels find the tree droppings yummy.

Our urban squirrels are smart. As we hiked down the sidewalk on a major arterial, a squirrel ran a quarter way into the street, mouth full, and stopped. The squirrel waited patiently for the SUV driving on the other side of the road to pass. Once the SUV passed, the squirrel hopped the rest of the way across the street.

The urban bunnies around here are not so smart. For the fourth time this year, a bunny thought nothing of grazing in our fenced backyard. The fence is a little ramshackle, so there are places for them to squeeze in.

The bo...

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