Discovering How To Maneuver Through No Contact Vet Visits and Tips to Outrun COVID-19 While Grocery Shopping
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Quarantine? How are we going to work out? Can I walk the dogs?

It's funny how a nasty little virus changes things, and you realize how many conveniences you take for granted. No, not toilet paper. My partner always ensures we're well-stocked.

I signed up for Safeway delivery way before COVID-19 appeared. Now everyone wants their groceries delivered, so there are no delivery slots for me. For two months, I again pushed a shopping cart around Safeway, in a mask, giving a wide berth to the John Wayne wannabe's too tough to wear a mask.

I whizzed past shoppers dallying in the aisle, because COVID-19 can't run fast enough to catch you, right? I cussed upon looking down and discovering the aisle arrow pointed in the opposite direction I was going. Weekly, I checked the Safeway...

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Table of Contents

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