Wild Bunny Facts to Keep You and Your Dogs Safe and Sane this Spring and Summer
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All the wild bunnies looked to be disappearing over winter. As the spring approached, I learned they were just hiding. More and more wild cottontail rabbits are out and about, so much so that our dog walks are akin to bunny hunts.

Wild bunnies strike terror in the heart of most gardeners. If you have a garden, keep the area around it free of shrubs and tall grass. Rabbits like cover.

Put up a chicken wire fence around your garden to keep critters out. Rabbits prefer twigs and buds to tree bark. Leave tree trimmings on the ground, the rabbits will clean up for you and not eat your tree’s bark.

How to handle dogs while negotiating the bunny population explosion. My dogs and I developed these guidelines to keep the upcoming wild bunny season more enjoyable.

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Table of Contents

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