Snowmegaddon in Seattle Means Crab for Me, No Bananas for You
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After sitting for 10 minutes in a line of traffic, in the unrelenting blizzard, I edged the SUV to the right and around the block. Heading back the direction I came from, wondering how the heck to get down the hill to home. I stop at a steep street entrance I'm sure will get me moving toward home and out of the snow-induced gridlock. The sign at the top says, "snow closure." The snow isn't deep, and it's not icy so screw the sign. I head down the twisty but not yet slippery slope.

It's the weather reporters fault. Multiple forecasters on my favorite station mentioned at the end of January what a mild winter we're having. They expected that to continue into February.

On February 8, the weather reporters indicated we might receive a brush of snow, no significant a...

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