Spicy Conversations in the Checkout Line with the Cashier
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I realized too late I chose the new cashier's checkout line. Not that I had a choice, there were only two lanes open, and the other was express. My cart bulged with too many items for express checkout.

Checkout can be sluggish due to her being inexperienced but today proceeds at a decent pace. She enters the correct code for broccoli crowns. That is a big plus in her favor. I love broccoli and always buy it when it's on special.

The cashier must enter it as broccoli crowns, not broccoli otherwise I don't get the special price. That pisses me off. Broccoli's weightiness translates into an extra dollar or two without the deal.

The snappy pace halts when she grabs the jalapeno peppers. She consults her little cheat sheet and enters them as Anaheim peppers. I tell her they're...

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