Peter Cottontail Steps Out
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Upscale neighborhood reports weekly bunny raves. The exact cause of these brazen bunny parties unknown at this time. Possibly a lack of coyotes and raptors in the neighborhood fueled the revelry.

The bunny trouble launched about a year ago at the bottom of the hill in an expansive park, where coyotes and eagles still roam. Peter Cottontail needed to navigate the presence of a huge dog park, lots of soccer players, and kiters in the expanse. The resulting often gruesome experience prompted bunnies to search for safer shores.

A group of lazy cats, few raptors, and no coyotes at the top of the hill provided a snug environment. And the partying grew with reckless abandon. Neighbors report bunnies thumping on doors at 1 am, knocking over trash cans and blocking the roadway at 10 pm with dancing and other freaki...

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