We Weaponized the Dog
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Jack noticed a small lump on JJ's leg, so a trip to the vet is in order. A biopsy reveals nothing alarming, but it's growing so it must come off. JJ before this year visited the vet for shots and yearly check-up, nothing more. His brother Benny experienced a root canal, an eye injury, and a hip x-ray by the time he hit five.

At seven and a half, JJ's seen the vet twice in the last two months. He got pancreatitis in December from eating prime rib fat scraps. Now, he needs surgery.

His surgery proceeds without complications, and we bring him home the same day.  He's afraid to put weight on his leg and hobbles around on three legs for two days. He recovers all four legs by the third day and fusses a bit over his bandage.

As the bandage comes...

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