Crummy Kismet on Wheels: Frozen Locks and Hot Pee
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We have three cars. To be truthful, the SUV belongs to my mom and me. At 87, she no longer drives.

It's the most expeditious way to get her to the multitude of appointments, and it only has 60k miles on it. No way I'm parting with the SUV anytime soon.

We had lots of places to go in December and safe transport choices, even if the Taurus and Audi are high mileage. We're in excellent shape to deal with the hectic holiday.

Then, our reliable SUV suffers a hit and run.  The other car jumped in front of Jack, nicked the front bumper just enough to pull it off and sped away.

No problem. Jack salvaged the bumper, figuring the shop could quickly re-attach it. They did the job in a snap, three weeks after the accident, and two days after Christm...

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