DIY Guy in Hot Water
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I stick the tub filled with warm water on the stairs so I can take Benny out the front door for his nightly patrol of the front lawn. There may be a squirrel or crow or delivery man he needs to chase away.

The next thing I know 3/4 of the tub spills over the stairs, soaking the first three steps.  The wet carpet is not a big deal, but I cuss about heating more water.

JJ bounds downstairs to go out with Benny and halts abruptly. He surveys the drenched steps intently. He looks at me with a "how did this happen?" question on his face.

I feel like a little kid who spilled her milk on the floor. How did I switch roles with my dog? I apologize to JJ and assure him its only water. I receive a "yeah, right" look, and he gingerly steps around...

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