Tween Horde
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I chose the wrong time to shop at Safeway. As I pull into the parking lot, the middle schoolers stream across it, like a flowing river of pent up energy.

School is back in session. I avoid Safeway at 3 pm, but it's 4 pm. Apparently, the kids get let go later in the day.  Another crucial fact to file away.

I pick a little black cart and turn left into the produce section. This section is taboo for the junior high set. They turn right and make a beeline for the candy, pastry, and Starbucks.

I quietly shop the produce and dairy sections.  I ignore the din coming from the right side of the store, where the horde is congregating.

I focus as I head toward the deli and meat section on the south end. The cacophony remains at an extreme level. I p...

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