How A Crow Made Me A Liar
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I huffed and puffed up the steep hill from the bus stop, and stopped in surprise. In the middle of our drive lay a juicy dead rat. We run into lots of scurrying energetic rats, but unfortunately, the expired are few.

Entering the house, I told Jack there was a deceased rodent in the drive. He looked incredulous and marched out the door.  Within a few minutes, he was back in the house, announcing the absence of any rodent in the driveway.

He did notice a crow in the middle of the street pecking at a dead animal. I didn't imagine a hefty dead rat, so we exited the house together. As we arrived in the drive, the crow flew off with his prize, the rat.

We disturbed his snack time, so he left to dine in private. We humans in the neighborhood are not the top of...

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