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The dog alarm.

JJ woke up early as the weather cooled off.  Mother nature finally turned our natural AC on again, dropping the temperature by 15 degrees and clearing our skies of forest fire soot.

It's his job to wake me up as he sees it. Usually, his wake up call is a nose in my face. A quick jab to the nose does the trick. 

But this day my back faced the side of the bed. No face available to poke. The bed shuddering awakens me.

Is it an earthquake? I hear a thump; the bed shudders again. I roll over and discover the source of the thumping. JJ throwing his 57 pounds against the bed. His resourcefulness is a little scary.

The undecided dog.

JJ is particular about his duty stations. Benny, his brother, lifts or squ...

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Table of Contents

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