Why Dog Crap Earns Wifi
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Let's move on to bodily functions from body parts.  Benny, one of our blue heeler mixes, is not only a picky eater.  He loves to do his business in particular places.

He wades into towering grass to pee. I giggle and shake my head at him. Benny loves foliage tickling his belly while peeing. His other fetish is no laughing matter.

He finds vegetation tickling his ass stimulating.  Benny often takes a dump in 4-inch ground cover. I try to prevent it, but he catches me off guard.

Now, it's an odiferous chore scooping your pet's poop off a lawn. Picking it out of ground cover, one turd at a time is tedious. It's a hunt and peck job.

My conundrum with Benny encouraged me to google the history of poop scooping.  It parallels the hist...

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