All You Can Eat Bug Buffet
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Let's roll on more body part issues. My pasty white skin works for me, except for the "can't go out in the sun without covering or gobs of sunscreen." And the bug thing.

We enjoyed the free concert series at the local upscale open air mall on Wednesday.  I covered up from head to toe to scare away those pesky sun rays and keep bugs at bay.

The next morning I wake up and my arm itches.  Upon inspection, I discover a red welt the size of Chicago. Anti itch cream, tea tree oil, and a BenGay equivalent quell it for a bit. 

This morning I woke up with more itchiness and a spreading rash around the bite. Alarmed, I dug out the anti histamine tabs.  That stuff dries me up like a prune, but it stamps out the itch stopping the rash in...

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