The Dangers of Flossing
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My friend Rachel experienced a flossing incident the other morning.  Here’s what she told me, “I was flossing this morning and for some reason, my floss decided to cut into my fingernail. I was impressed and completely confused. “

I understood completely, that stuff is dangerous. An owner of tiny teeth with tight spaces in between them means run of the mill waxed floss constantly breaks off between my teeth and sticks. Floss like braided rope unraveled as I pushed it between my teeth leaving long bits dangling out of my mouth.  I resembled a hooked fish. The rubbery wide tape simply breaks before half my flossing is complete. No wonder less than 40% of Americans floss daily. 

I assumed flossing was a modern invention, like the 1950’s.  I turned to Wikipedia for inf...

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