Dental Goodie Bags
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After my teeth cleaning at the dentist, I unpack my dental goodie bag at home.  Toothbrush, still in wrapper, goes in the donation pile.  I only use an electric brush.  Toothpaste, floss, and picks go in the travel kit.  I'm always packed to go. 

At the bottom of the bag is a paper cylinder in bright orange, fit in a paper sleeve.  I'm mystified.  It's numbered to 36, with each number followed by smarmy sentences, like "A Secret can be okay" and "You're habit forming" and pizza.  Well, pizza isn't a sentence, but you get the idea. 

What a weird thing to receive from your dentist.  My dentist is a pretty fun guy, as the ceiling decoration in the hygienist area is a well-endowed woman hanging off a ladder from a helicopter...

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