Cluck, Cluck Here
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Jack hosts game night once a week for his buddies.  They play board games like Titan and Diplomacy.

Game night in full swing, I left for my Women in Film meeting. Arriving home around 9:30 pm,  I no sooner got in the front door than Jack led me outside onto the front lawn.   It was pitch dark. Jack folded back a blanket covering a yellow plastic crate. 

Look at this, he says.

Look at what, I can’t see a thing. 

It’s a chicken.
Where the hell did you get that chicken?
Jack joked and chatted with the guys for an hour before he noticed someone left the front door open.  Searching, he located Benny laying by the stairs, but no JJ.  Jack raced out to the porch. JJ reclined on the...

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