Vindaloo Fire Dance
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The prospective customer at the Indian sauce in a jar booth insists she loves spicy food and grabs the little sample cup of bottled vindaloo sauce. Jack and I watch, alarmed, as her face turns red and her arms flail. The vindaloo is off her heat scale.  

Most samplers prefer the mild road to avoid conjuring up the mouth on fire dance. Our palates undergo training by mislabeled bottles. The label says hot, but it's not.

What passes for hot and spicy here in the US is tame for Jack and me.  Forget about buying extra hot sauce at the grocery store, as it shouts four stars, but it's only two.  It's a disappointment for us, lovers of Dave's Gourmet Insanity Hot Sauce. Dave's sauce is as racy as the label says.

It's arts and crafts fair...

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