Smarter than an Orangutan
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A tusk fish bangs a clam against a rock until the shell shatters. The fish gobbles up the unlucky bivalve. A diver caught this on camera in 2011. 

An article in a recent National Geographic lists animals and the tools they use.  It's a surprisingly wide assortment. 

Dolphins in Australia use marine sponges to sweep the ocean bottom for goodies hidden in the sand. Orangutans make whistles out of leaves to send an alarm.

The article claims most animal tool making is just instinct and not problem-solving thought.  I wonder why humans cannot fathom other animals abilities. We're not the only ones with a big brain. 

One day, in a small village in Indonesia, a canoe disappeared.  A search party discovered it down the river, filled with orangutans calmly munching on le...

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