Mr. Compost
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Good thing I don't have kids, my dogs are super spoiled as it is.  JJ barks until you pet him and Benny licks the yogurt off the yogurt covered banana. That banana is not getting past his lips.

I cook for my dogs, usually chicken and yams. If I want to mess with them, I occasionally substitute cabbage or carrots for the yams.

It's cheap, less than $20 per month if I find chicken on special. A Safeway value pack of legs or thighs with skin on for $5, a few bucks for the yams and viola, wet food for two weeks.  That's after I throw it in the crockpot for 7 hours. And on top of that, I produce fabulous broth to make soup for human consumption.

So, when JJ decides to dine on the stinky compost I scattered around my planters, I'm pissed. He not only slurped u...

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