Rat Salon
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We lock eyes as I walk up the stairs. Totally surprised we both freeze. The fat furry rodent makes the first move, diving down into the drain in the driveway.

I ponder my next move.  Locating a rock, I place it over the drain to discourage further rat grooming in the drive. I'm not running a rodent salon.

The rats are undeterred as my partner's hoarding, and uncompleted project piles provide heaps of housing. Seattle also contributes a mild climate and abundant food. Yeah, Seattle attracts and keeps rats just like the city attracts and absorbs people. I'm unsure which is growing faster, our rodent or people population. 

Poison pellets work for a bit.  JJ and Benny are too large to burrow into the small spaces to catch the furry fiends. They're part blue heeler, part b...

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Table of Contents

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