Influence Peddler Of The Day
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I reluctantly haul my ass out of bed around 5:30 am. I signed up for this, so no one is at fault except me. I don't renege on my promises.

Jack drives the boys and me to the rendezvous point. Jack's not fully awake, but the boys are always up for a ride. The charter bus waits in the Fred Meyer parking lot.

I hop aboard, asking if this is the bus to Olympia, the State Capitol.  According to the online sign-up, there should be 25 of us.  There are only 13 which includes 3 of the organizers.

Welching on promises runs deep in this area.

Happy to not be driving in the deluge coming out of the skies, I chat with a friend and check my email.  Dosing beckons, but I remain on alert, diving into the unknown.

I signed up to as...

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