JJ, Fred, and Bob
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Unexpectedly, JJ and I graduated to Agility Level 3. His graduation from Level 2 surprised me since he still refuses the teeter totter. He exits that thing the moment it shifts.

Last Friday it was half a class, just JJ, Fred, and Bob. Unable to remember the handler names, I identify only by their dog's name.  Their dogs are the interesting part of the class, anyway.

Half a class is valuable because we score more time on the course. Half a group is formidable because the dogs tire quicker.

Fred possesses a Shih Tzu head, Chihuahua body, and bull terrier legs.  Not cute, but adept at the obstacles.  He's all of 15 pounds and enjoys the envious position of being carried when fatigued.  

Bob is humongous, a German Shepard weighing 95 pounds.  Bob is one of...

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