Villainous Piece of Plastic
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Relaxed and at ease.  These words transfer me to a beach in Kauai.  A sunlit beach with azure water, Pina Colada in hand, reclining on a towel in the shade. 

They don't bring to mind IRS debt relief.  The woman in the commercial for getting the IRS off your back insists she's both.

I giggle every time I see this commercial.  Getting anywhere near IRS troubles triggers my flight response.  If the tax attorney is as marvelous as they claim, I might be unworried. 

But never careless.  Lax landed you in IRS hot water in the first place.

Today, I read in the news a runner robbed of his victory by a rogue elastic band. Oh, the horror. An athlete on his way to a win subjected to unprovoked attack by a villainous piece of plastic.

After bei...

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