Don't Pee on Your Brother
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I’m not a mom. I never had kids, not my thing. We adopted two blue heelers (Australian cattle dog)mixes six years ago. All of the sudden I uttered statements and suffered embarrassments I’d never

I love smart dogs. My mother owned a couple of border collies, Pepper and Bootsie. Very brainy and very high strung. During my teen years, she got a blue heeler, Cheesie, before the AKC registered them
as Australian Cattle Dogs. Smart dog but laid back compared to border collies.

Jack desired a dog, but I resisted. Then my mother's friend fostered a litter of blue heeler mixes. We adopted two because Jack insisted they'd keep each other company.

Somehow as a child, I missed the nuances of dog care. My mother took care of the details. I soon discovered owning two v...

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