Resolutions with An Out
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I abandoned resolutions years ago.  So long ago, in fact, I put them out of my mind.  January always reminds me it remains a big thing at the start of the New Year.

An internet search turns up lists upon lists of recommended resolutions. Plausible ones like lose weight or eat healthier food.  Improbable ones like learn to be happier with your life or dress with more style.  Just scrolling through one list of 50 made me resolve never to visit this subject ever again. 

I wondered how making New Year Resolutions started.  Who’s responsible for such madness? 

Oh, my god, it’s the Babylonians!  This foolishness is 4000 years in the making.   According to historical sources, the Babylonians hoped to please the gods by promising to return their neighbor&rsq...

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