My Dog is an Actor
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I got an acting role offer through a Facebook post.  To be more accurate, my dog, JJ, landed an acting role through my Facebook post.

We just graduated from Agility 2 which earned us a picture.  JJ is very photogenic, lots more than me.  Proud of JJ and myself I posted the picture on Facebook.

I am an actor so most of my Facebook friends are fellow actors, directors, and producers. A recent connection is a director looking to cast a dog in her short film and she loves the picture of JJ. She messages me, asking if JJ is an actor.

I pause. JJ is an obedient, very serious, super smart pooch. We taught him to stay, sit and lay down as a puppy. He bypassed obedience classes, going directly into Agility 1.

He’s never acted and I have no on-camera experience wit...

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