Bed Companion to the Pharaoh
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The infernal beeping alarm woke me and the dogs this morning.  But not my mother, at 86 she’s a bit deaf.

I rolled out of bed, shuffled over and turned the alarm off.  All 3 dogs gazed expectantly at me, waiting for the word. The word is back to bed, everyone. JJ flew back into my room, jumped on the bed and lay exactly in the middle.

JJ hates being kicked or bumped while in bed so I figured he’d jump off as soon as I crawled back in.  Not this morning. I pushed up against him, managing to move him an inch, maybe. I growled at him about being a space hog. No response.

JJ claimed the nice warm bed first and intended to stay.  I carved out  space on the available portion of the bed. Yeah, I hate to inconvenience my dogs. I’m a pushover.


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Table of Contents

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