Multifarious Stunning Connections
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The thigh bone’s connected to the….hip bone.  The thigh muscle’s connected to the…arm muscle. I know this doesn’t seem right but follow my logic.

In September, I lifted a 20lb free weight incorrectly while on the bench and pulled my lateral thigh muscle.  I thought no problem; I’ll just concentrate on my upper body workouts until it heals. Wrong.

Every time I lifted a weight, my thigh screamed in pain. I received a quick lesson in human musculature. Your arm muscle lifts a weight and your healthy thigh muscle quietly helps out. Your injured thigh muscle complains loudly and spasms.  

This injury connected me with cupping and a lecture from my acupuncturist. She scolded me for not coming in immediately after the injury while she sucked the cups up and do...

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Table of Contents

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