Seattle Traffic Dance
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My children (actually my dogs) and I are on our way to Trader Joe’s grocery store. Avoiding the traffic, and multiple traffic lights, we choose the residential, pockmarked side streets. We stop at 15th the main drag, and 52nd, the rough and less trafficked street.  We stop because we have a stop sign for 52nd.

A guy and his dog and another pedestrian are crossing 15th so the 5 cars going south on 15th stop for the pedestrians plus one dog. Since I’m not in hurry or paying particular attention, I only realize after a few seconds, I can cross 15th now. But then the guy and his dog go north and block my progress.

The 5 cars going south are now free to go.  Except they don’t. Apparently, the first car believes I’ve been sitting way too long at the stop si...

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