The Things That Crawled Up My Pants
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I wake up at 3am with an itch on the top of my foot. I itch and itch, finally pull back the covers and discover the source to be a red welt the size of a dime. Not the size and shape of the usual spider or mosquito bite.

JK, my partner examines it, has no idea what caused it and tells me to apply tea tree oil. The tea tree oil soothes the itching and I examine the bed thoroughly. Nothing emerges.

The day after, I awaken with red welts on my thigh and lower arm. JK exhibits not one bite. Obviously being singled out in this vicious attack, and desperate to halt it, I search the dogs for fleas. Nothing crawls out.  There’s no one scratching in this house except me.

After 2 days, reeking of tea tree oil, I change the sheets.  This finally halts the barrage of bites. T...

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Table of Contents

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