Disfigured Liberty-Six Short Stories
By Neil Brown

liberonova      7/11/20 9:51 AM

(Concerning the first short story Absolution) I don't feel able to comment, but I want you to know I also did read non-stop. You wrote about a humans worst nightmare.

Lori Minutoli      6/07/15 6:15 PM

This may sound like a brutal truth but I think there is a compliment in here. I just read Absolution and at first I did not like it but I could not stop reading it. I kept hoping it would get better. It didn't. In some creepy way, though I could not relate to the death in this story, I was filled with some weird ability to relate to it. I think the raw emotions and vulnerability of the characters is something most people experience but do not admit to. Upon finishing the story I was impressed that you managed to stir my emotions and keep me reading something I did not want to keep reading. I am honestly satisfied with your story. Now, I look forward to see what's next. Glad to be subscribed. :)
Neil Brown      6/23/15 2:40 PM
I'd like to thank you Lori for your comment. It's a strange thing. These stories were not originally intended to be a book. I was submitting to literary magazines and grew tired of the six month to one year wait. Before publication when people asked me what kind of stories I wrote I would answer that "maybe they were a little dark." The responses I have received, which have been complimentary, have confirmed that the adjective "little" was perhaps an understatement for most people. I am thrilled that I was able to "stir your emotions" even if it was in a negative way. The forthcoming stories are of a similar timbre but I think there is a sliver of hope at the end--albeit my kind of happy ending.