Chapter Sixteen - part one (3)
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were knocked over and torn asunder.  The room filled with the sickening, metallic smell of blood. 

I found myself fighting one of my own countrymen.  He engaged me before he realized who I was.  Then he saw my face and the sword I carried and hesitated; his eyes widened.  He thrust his sword at me and Harbinger parried the thrust and I drove the point home into his breast.  I felt profoundly sad but had no time to dwell on the emotion, as a leering soldier of Grae’Goroth came at me from the side.  He was powerfully built and I caught his first blow on my shield and it knocked me to one knee.  Letting Harbinger guide my hand, I aimed a cut at his legs.  He jumped back—right into Theof’s waiting sword. 

The elf grabbed my shoulder and helped me...

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