Chapter Sixteen - part one (2)
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that he bridled against.  He was not the true king, even if he was currently using the sergeant’s belief that he was.  Grimwulf had always been loyal and refused to stay in the camp of his enemy.  The best plan that the duke had come up with was to take these men, find Dexter, and help him however he could.

He spat.  That’s what he thought of Grae’Goroth.



I felt like I had been running forever. 

It had not taken long for the huntsmen to get through the door and come after us.  Tracking us through the dusty old castle was simple.  We had fought.  We had run. We fought again and now we were running once more.

Brin was doing fine—she looked fresher than me, as if we had done nothing more today than our...

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